Falling Again »



Falling again…when someone falls, it’s normally because they’ve lost their balance. Losing your balance really doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to happen. Yet, there you are walking along everything seems stable and she comes along, catches you off guard and you lose your balance. It is…

“There can be such profoundness in redundancies.”

– Motherfucking Pablo.


– OG Maco

Strange Fruit

…. Actually…

I take that back. Strange Fruit by Nina Simone is about Lynching. Kanye turned it into… bullshit. Aesthetically good but substantially void. 

That can be said for quite a few songs on the project, actually..

Not asking Kanye to lead the social justice charge, but I’d hope he wasn’t so lazy as to limit his subject matter to black dicks in white bitches…especially if he’s sampling a song as charged as “Strange Fruit”

“I can see how someone can not like Yeezus, but how can you not fuck with Yeezus?”